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Suzuki Oil Change Kit – Basic

Suzuki Oil Change Kit – Basic – For Suzuki Outboard Motors


Basic oil change kit for Suzuki outboard motors. Includes oil and a filter. Please select your engine model to receive the proper amount of oil and filter.


  1. Oil
  2. Oil Filter


All parts are OEM from Suzuki and are NOT aftermarket.

Additional information


DF2.5, DF4A, DF6A, DF9.9A, DF9.9B, DF9.9T, DF9.9TH, DF15, DF15A, DF20A, DF25, DF25A, DF30, DF30A, DF40, DF40A, DF50, DF50A, DF50AV, DF60, DF60A, DF60AV, DF70, DF75A, DF90A, DF115, DF115A, DF115B, DF115SS, DF140, DF140A, DF140B, DF150A, DF150SS, DF175A, DF200A, DF200SS, DF300B, DF300BMD, DF350A, DF350AMD


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